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DSCTHQ x SABC at The Assembly – Pics!

This is just some of the images of DSCTHQ x SABC at The Assembly where I played! Courtesy of Mads Norgaard! Big ups, homie!

Hopefully more will be added!

Check out Mads’ Facebook Page here!

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Sumo Jac’s First Ever Gig! At Assembly!

So Friday night (May 11, 2012) was my first EVER gig, for those who didn’t know. I was asked by Rebel Clef on the Tuesday to just jam some of my tunage at DSCTHQ x SABC at The Assembly.

South African Bass Culture is an initiative started by Rebel to start a community within the bass music community within southern Africa. When He asked my to rip it, initially I was, like, “What?! No! lol! I can’t DJ!”

Then I went to my boy, Adam de Smidt to get some quick tips and stuff. A crash course, as it were. He helped my with my tracks, set up a decent playlist and just general DJ stuff! Dude, mad love and appreciation!

Friday came. All day I was rehearsing my set in my head, while doing my campus work at tech. The nerves were getting more and more tense as the day passed by. Yes, I know it sounds a little weird, BUT keep in mind that this would be my FIRST EVER gig. Not inly that, but ALL my own productions. If people didn’t feel my stuff, I couldn’t just play a hit to get people going. Nonetheless, 21:00 came and I was at The Assembly. Zero hour was fast approaching and my nerves have suddenly calmed down. Probably due to the Windhoek Lager Rebel handed me.

My name was called, I stepped up and started with a DPSTP (Sumo Jac x Adam de Smidt) Bootleg of Netsky – Come Alive. Very chilled track just to get in the vibe… I looked at the crown and was, like, whoa; I’m actually playing my music to all of you! I saw some peeps dancing and felt a lil more relaxed. From there onwards, I was pretty much on my ace!

I then proceeded with my set and just went cray! I loosened up and gots to playing. Every time I looked up, I saw a little more people on the floor, a little more people dancing. Midway through my set, I saw the floor pretty much full! Cats was feeling my tracks and I felt quite good 🙂 By the end of my set, peeps was cheering and clapping. I gave a wave and stepped down. Immediately I was greeted by a young lady telling me how amazing my set was. Her birthday was the day before and I had made her birthday evening special. That was quite awesome. The compliments just kept coming after that; one dude actually wanted to take my hand home with him! Crazyness.

Well, anyway, that was just a brief summary of my first gig ever for those who weren’t there. Hope there’ll be more so that I can share my music with ya’lls! Big ups Rebel Clef, Assembly and SABC for an amazing night! One I won’t soon forget!

(P.S. A special thank you to my very supportive girlfriend! <3)

Check my beats here!

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This is Intense! Nah Like!

I just recently discovered them and I was just, whoa… Check this out! 😀 it’s so big!

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7FT Meets Fletcher In DUB EP


BOMBAADA proudly presents:

Two of Africa’s heavyweight dub champions take a once in a life-time adventure into the deep realms of dub. Follow these two Cape Town audio-nauts on their escapade of spliffs and blips, as they journey from the deepest subsonic worlds to the land of psychedelic space echoes. Fasten your sub and enjoy the ride.

Click the link below to download!


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