Sumo Jac’s First Ever Gig! At Assembly!

So Friday night (May 11, 2012) was my first EVER gig, for those who didn’t know. I was asked by Rebel Clef on the Tuesday to just jam some of my tunage at DSCTHQ x SABC at The Assembly.

South African Bass Culture is an initiative started by Rebel to start a community within the bass music community within southern Africa. When He asked my to rip it, initially I was, like, “What?! No! lol! I can’t DJ!”

Then I went to my boy, Adam de Smidt to get some quick tips and stuff. A crash course, as it were. He helped my with my tracks, set up a decent playlist and just general DJ stuff! Dude, mad love and appreciation!

Friday came. All day I was rehearsing my set in my head, while doing my campus work at tech. The nerves were getting more and more tense as the day passed by. Yes, I know it sounds a little weird, BUT keep in mind that this would be my FIRST EVER gig. Not inly that, but ALL my own productions. If people didn’t feel my stuff, I couldn’t just play a hit to get people going. Nonetheless, 21:00 came and I was at The Assembly. Zero hour was fast approaching and my nerves have suddenly calmed down. Probably due to the Windhoek Lager Rebel handed me.

My name was called, I stepped up and started with a DPSTP (Sumo Jac x Adam de Smidt) Bootleg of Netsky – Come Alive. Very chilled track just to get in the vibe… I looked at the crown and was, like, whoa; I’m actually playing my music to all of you! I saw some peeps dancing and felt a lil more relaxed. From there onwards, I was pretty much on my ace!

I then proceeded with my set and just went cray! I loosened up and gots to playing. Every time I looked up, I saw a little more people on the floor, a little more people dancing. Midway through my set, I saw the floor pretty much full! Cats was feeling my tracks and I felt quite good 🙂 By the end of my set, peeps was cheering and clapping. I gave a wave and stepped down. Immediately I was greeted by a young lady telling me how amazing my set was. Her birthday was the day before and I had made her birthday evening special. That was quite awesome. The compliments just kept coming after that; one dude actually wanted to take my hand home with him! Crazyness.

Well, anyway, that was just a brief summary of my first gig ever for those who weren’t there. Hope there’ll be more so that I can share my music with ya’lls! Big ups Rebel Clef, Assembly and SABC for an amazing night! One I won’t soon forget!

(P.S. A special thank you to my very supportive girlfriend! <3)

Check my beats here!

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2 thoughts on “Sumo Jac’s First Ever Gig! At Assembly!

  1. Tamryn says:

    But it was awsome!!!! Big ups SUMO 😀 😛 :S =T 😛

  2. Tamryn says:

    : D : P : S =T ; P

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