Will NOISIA ever stop?! NEVER! :D I’m so happy!

YES! They are back at it again! I honestly think I’ll just dedicate my whole site solely to NOISIA! They killed it with the new one out today on Mau5trap. Tommy’s Theme is just a pimp mix of chill, harmonising, dirty, hard, PHAT BASS music! I love it! check it out, fam!


5 thoughts on “Will NOISIA ever stop?! NEVER! :D I’m so happy!

  1. Haha I totally tuned this track like an hour ago. I’ve been Rocking out to them for a while now and I think they have one of the most distinct sounds in the game. I seriously hope I’ll get to see them in the states sometime.

    • Sumo Jac says:

      Definitely! I’ve tried emulating their sound… Not gonna happen! That’s why I love them! one of my biggest inspirations! I want them to come to Cape Town, South Africa! Where I’m at!

  2. Ha that’d be sweet! Is the scene really big over where you live?

    • Sumo Jac says:

      DUDE!! You’ll be surprised! It’s killer over here! and just growing by the day! U should check it out! Also, Did you check out my tunes? would appreciate some feedback 🙂 Its on here under music… or on my soundcloud…

      • yeahhh, well I’m near DC so its pretty raging here, id love to travel and check out shows one day tho. and I tuned some of the stuff on your soundcloud; I like the DnB beats a lot, but I thought the dub was a little slow? if that makes sense. I’m a fan of more crashing sounds like Skrillex, Knife Party, or Feed Me, so thats just personal preference. But big ups on producing.

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