Rubadub: 11 June 2011… SICKNESS!!

So last saturday we was just chilling at home, did nothing, played fooseball by my homie next door… My heart burning to go to Rubadub! But the odds were stacked against me: My girlfriend was studying, my homies were broke and  my folks didn’t REALLY want me out of the house…

BUT at that moment, Gomez, is, like, “Bra! We going to Rubadub tonight?”. My heart just sang with joy! I could feel my left eye fill up with a single tear. So it was a 2 man mission; which never happens. The LBZ normally roll together like that! ANYWAY, enough about this. I’ll finish the story later. Right now, I have to go to class 😦 ANYWAY, enjoy this vid from the night!! PEACE!!!

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